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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Some incomplete thoughts...

I'm still not done digesting the whole Death of John Paul II Thing. More on that once I do.

I am, however, deeply moved by the reactions of the faithful, and images of JP2's actions during the papacy. When he would hug and kiss children, or pray at the graves of his brother and parents back in Poland...that's deeply moving stuff. More moving to me, however, is that he hung on long enough for the Vigil Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday before dying.

It is a good way to look at it, in my opinion, that God is the hyperconcentrated essence of mercy. Everything about God's relationship to us--even the stuff which is painful or impossible for us to understand--is borne of that mercy. God's love for us, in particular. God doesn't extend His mercy to us because he loves us, but rather, he extends his love to us because He is infinitely merciful. Mercy does not depend on deserving something or having earned it, in fact, the opposite might be true. We receive mercy because we do not deserve such lenient treatment. If we deserved it, we'd get it without any fuss.

It was this the papacy of John Paul II strove to show the world. To show mercy to one another and therefore become a channel for God's mercy and love.