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Monday, May 09, 2005

Out of the mouths of babes...or, at least, my 7 y.o.

You'll be pleased to note that my oldest boy had his first insight not 5 minutes ago. He walks up to me, as purposefully as a seven year old with a mouth full of cookie can walk, and the lesson ran something like this:

Him: I know something about God. We're like a burger and God eats the burger.
Me: How do you figure that?
Him: Well, it's like He's the shepherd and we're the sheep, so we're the burger and he is the Guy eating the burger.*
Me: Where did the burger come from?
Him: [Making that "Duh!" face] The guy who EATS the burger also flipped the burger. This is why God made the burger, He made the burger because He wanted to eat the burger. And because we're the burger, we can be IN God when he has the burger. So he made us to have us be inside of him, like a guy who makes a burger because he wants to eat one.

This is all pretty cool, because I had a bit of insight related to Sacred Tradition when I was on a business lunch.

***********************Background Information******************************
A friend (who happens to be Catholic) and I were talking and she complained that some of our mutual friends (who happen to be Protestants) always ask her, on some point of Catholic belief, "Where is THAT in the Bible?"** This then leads to them explaining their belief that anything extra-Biblical is inadmissible for the formulation of doctrine. I gave her a few pithy quotes from Scripture to help her Defend The Faith and went about my business. The next day I had a business lunch. Here is where we pick up the story.
My client and I sit at our table and the waiter comes by and gives us our menus. He returns a few minutes later and starts talking about what's good today, etc., and we're only half-listening and half-reading. Then he mentioned something that sounded really good and my client looked up, puzzled and said: "Where's that in the menu?" to which Mr. Waiter Guy replied "It isn't. This is today's lunch special, the chef told me to let everyone know about it."

Which is exactly how Sacred Tradition works. It takes what's on the menu (say, pizza) and explains it clearly ("we make our own dough, and we only use real homemade fresh mozzarella cheese and...") and/or adds meaningful and relevant stuff where the menu is silent ("It's not on the menu, but today's special is mushroom ravioli. The chef got some wild mushrooms and it's fantastic.")

This is so revelatory (as opposed to Revelatory) that I was left marvelling at how God opens up my head and dumps meaningful stuff thereinto.

Yours in Christ,


* I have no clue exactly how he made this leap, but still.

** Somehow, nobody ever gets around to asking me those things.