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Monday, October 17, 2005

The Rosary thing

I have come to realize the Rosary is like some sort of all-in-one spiritual workout station. Like the slo-mo drill in golf it's one of those excellent, all-purpose things that you should always get around to.

But I didn't know how much until recently when "Sister I." came into our CCD class to teach a lesson on the Rosary and help us all pray. The purpose of this lesson was not to just take out our Rosaries and fly through the whole thing. The purpose was to understand the individual prayers and mysteries and read the Scriptural references thereto and really get deep into it.

As a result, I came away with the realization there are a few ways to do the Rosary thing right and, since you asked, I'll share 'em with ya.

1- The Reading way. As you ponder the various mysteries, you take out your Bible and read the whole relevant passage in context. When the Mystery du jour is, say, The Annunciation, you read the exact words of St. Gabriel to the Virgin Mary and all that followed and preceded that.

2- The Fly-on-the-wall way. When you are thinking about a given try to imagine being there, thinking what Mary thought, visualizing the sights and sounds. This helps you feel the feelings that stir your heart Godwards.

3- The What's-this-mean way. When you consider a particular Mystery try to think of what is saying to US by that mystery. F'rinstance, Jesus, at age 12 (i.e., not yet a man by Jewish law) was at the Temple for three days going about the Father's business. Pop Quiz! At what other time was Jesus busy--where nobody could see Him or find Him--for three days doing the heavenly Father's work?

The latter was a revelation I had never had before, and I have been doing the Rosary thing for longer than I care to remember. This underscored something Sr. I. had said "every time you pray the Rosary, you will have one little grain of grace added to your understanding of God."

Pax et Bonum,