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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lord's Gym

Riffing off (and hat tip to) what Der Tommisar wrote on the matter...

Lent is a sort of Spring Training for the Christian. We must train hard, much like Olympic or professional athletes do, because The Big Game will be upon us sooner than we think. Training, for those of you who have never engaged in it, is a complete and utter PITA.

It takes time.

It takes LOTS of effort.

It takes even more willpower and self-discipline, because many days you'd rather stay in bed and/or eat pizza than hit the gym and eat turkey on whole wheat.

Your opponent (say, the Devil) is counting on you getting fat, dumb and happy...getting used to slacking off, having your spiritual reflexes dulled and your soul's stamina diminished. This opponent doesn't want you to reach your heavenly goal line, and, while we're at it, wants to prevent you from doing so with the least amount of effort on his part. Prob'ly so he can go and prevent more souls from reaching the heavenly goal line. But I digress.

In I Cor. 9:24, St. Paul tells the Corinthians that since you're running in the race, run to win. Run to reach that mark. Not that Gene Vincent is even remotely canonical, but he was right when he sang we're in a race with the Devil. Train hard this Lent, so that you may be able to handily outrun Satan when your turn comes.

So put yourself on a spiritual diet, eating less junk food (i.e. the usual drivel on TV or the radio) and more nutritious food (the Bible would be a good place to start!) and exercising (prayer, penance--seeking it and AND being forgiving--almsgiving) instead of flopping around like a spiritual couch potato contemplating things that will be SOOOOOOOO very useless to you when you see Satan sprinting after you.

No pain, no gain.