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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

It was a weird thing to realize that God has been talking* to me all along. I'm still in such an awkward phase that I know I am often not interpreting things clearly for much of the time. Oh, sure, there are times when a Scripture reading hits me square between the eyes, but a lot of the time the best I can do is the old "OK, God, I know you're trying to tell Throw me a bone, Lord, because I'm floundering ovah heah."

So this is what I do. It may even work for you...and if it does not, I promise you my next blog entry is free. And you can keep the Ginsu knife with our compliments.

1- Whatever the problem, issue, question, matter or "thing" I try to break it up into as teeny a buncha pieces as I can manage.
2- I then take the first teeny piece and, about it, I ask for a sign, a signal, an answer. Because I'm not that good at this, I ask God in a very Yes-or-No way wherever possible.
3- After that, if I get something that I think is an answer--or at least answer-ish--I ask for God to please clarify. "OK, God, do I have it right that you want me to ___?"
4- After I get something about THAT, I ask God if my understanding of that thing is such I can consider the matter settled and I can move on to something else, i.e., the next teeny piece.
5- I also ask other people to pray for me. So as not to prejudice anything, I'll say something like:
"I think God is trying to tell me something...please pray over this and tell me what, if anything, you get out of that."

If I have been wondering if I should go meet with a client in, say, Dallas and my friend/wife/random stranger says "I had a weird dream that you were in Dallas..." I take that as a Very Likely Divine Hint.

The reason I do this is because my own nature is to be impatient and also to run off and get going without having all the details. I know that when I do God's will I am likeliest to be happiest, and in order to do that I need to have the best understanding possible of His will. That is, I need to know what God is saying, not just what I THINK God is saying.

There. Hope that helps.


* No, not in that "I hear voices" way and not in the Charlton Heston-Ten Commandments way


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