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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Killer B's.

Rummaging through Some Have Hats, I have discovered the "B-Team" of Amateur Catholic Bloggers.

I'm not, by nature, "a joiner" of many things. However, Maslow must be given some cred and I must exercise my belongingness needs somehow. Might as well do it this way. After all, said B-Team has many stellar B-Teamers, who blog on all manner of important and weighty subjects, from many different perspectives (including--gasp!--some with which I agree) and do so passionately, elegantly and brilliantly.

Obviously, they need me to balance things out. This, obviously, is an Electronic Work of Mercy (wait for Vatican 3, I'm just ahead of the curve in this regard) on my part. In fact, I consider it a ministry.

Furthermore, to pad my chances, I present the following factoids:

1- I have been educated by Jesuits.
2- I come from a lo-o-o-o-o-ong line of men educated by Jesuits (dating back to Spain & Cuba).
3- My sons (God willing) will be educated by these same Jesuits.
4- With all this Jesuitness, I am an orthodox, moderate-to-traditional Catholic.
5- I still love the Jesuits anyway.
6- What's more, I see no problem or conflict whatsoever between #4 and #5.
7- I teach CCD for 8th Graders who are about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Strictly by virtue of the work of the Holy Spirit, these students seem to learn enough to be ready for this.
8- My Latin is actually coming back to me.
9- I have never (knowingly) committed simony.
10- I have an excellent knowledge of wines and can tell, with the merest sip, the ones that are so abysmal as to be incapable of transubstantiation.
11- I have been blogging, with varying degrees of public notice, since 2004.
12- I have never been arraigned on matters of canon law (now, traffic law, well...)
13- There is no 13, not because I am beholden to any pagan superstitions, but because I'm not taking chances with those maniacs who are.

There you have it.




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