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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Very Own Prayer

One of my CCD students--who shan't be outed--asked me to post this. This is how I start my bedtime prayers and to which I "sandwich" the Prayer Matters Du Jour. goes:

Heavenly Father,

I praise You, thank You and glorify You for Your goodness, kindness, bounties, blessings and gifts; none of which I ever deserve and which I receive only through Your mercy and grace. I thank You for blessing me with my wife and my children, I thank you for the people whom You send into contact with me and who carry Your blessings to me or to whom I am privileged to convey Your blessings. Thank you for the challenges You have placed before me, and thank You for giving me the means to meet them with faith. Thank You for my friends and my family.

Thank You for blessing the work of my hands and for giving me the capacity to recognize that any and all success springs from You and to You belong the first fruits of my labor. Grant me the capacity and strength to utilize these material blessings for Your purpose. I thank You for Your mercy, forgiveness and gift of Eternal Life. I thank You for all those who have come before me whose examples serve to guide me, even if I often fall short; I thank You for looking favorably upon them when they have prayed on my behalf, especially when I was unworthy of their intercession, particularly that of the Virgin Mary.

I especially thank You for the amazing progress Davy continues to make, through Your infinite love, kindness and mercy. I thank You for the gift of all those people, far and near, whose prayers on Davy's behalf reach You. Bless them and keep them, Lord.

[I learned from Ye Olde Jesuits that one ought always start one's prayers thanking God.]

Forgive me my sins, Lord. Forgive me for my unkind and selfish thoughts; my thoughts of conceit, my self-absorption even to the smallest dishonesty and unkindness; forgive all the sinful thoughts I have entertained, expressed, or acted upon. Give me a contrite heart with which to turn to You, a repentant spirit with which to seek You...that I may rejoice in gratitude at Your boundless love and mercy. Bless all those whom I have impacted by my sinfulness and help me mitigate the consequences of my actions.

Bless and keep my wife, Lord, because she is Your daughter before she was my wife, bless and keep and guard my sons, because they are Your children more than they are mine. Grant me the wisdom to see Your will, grant me the strength to do Your will and grant me the patience to do so with humility and kindness; as I strive to fulfill my role of husband and father. Bless and keep my parents in their old age and increasing infirmities and when the time comes, grant them a happy and holy death, as You did with St. Joseph.

Bless and keep my family, inlaws, my nieces and nephew. Keep and guard my friends, Lord and I especially ask You to illuminate those who have strayed or are in danger of straying away from Your will and from Your plan for them.

[Intentions du jour go here.]

I especially pray that Your healing be manifested in Davy, Lord. Cleanse him completely, permanently and thoroughly from the scourge of autism, that all those who know him, know of him and come to know him, may know You, glorify You and worship You as You deserve. Bless and strengthen all those families undergoing similar trials, and bless and guide the efforts of all those who toil to eradicate these conditions.

Bless all the members of my family and friends whom You have called from this life, that they also may revel in Your glory. Bless all those who sincerely seek You in love and humility, look favorably upon the intentions of the Holy Father and bless the those whom You have called to vocations, that they may answer Your call, that they may respond with humility and fidelity and that their labor in Your vineyard be blessed abundantly. Bless those who suffer for Your sake, that their trials be salvific and fruitful.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever,


There you have it.




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