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Saturday, April 08, 2006

I quote Nancy Kerrigan: "Why? WHY? WHAHAHAHAHY?"

So, okay, I'm having a particularly successful Lenten season. I'm actually catching myself understanding things better, or realizing how/when I go wrong or sussing out those pesky "near occasions of sin."

There is a saying in Spanish* that goes something like: "The Devil knows more from being old than from being the Devil." It reminds us not to underestimate our enemy and the peril out there. This is coming home extra-hard this Lent.

Let's say your particular "habitual sin of weakness" is, say, simony.

When you are having a Lenten season, observing the disciplines to such an extent that you actually make noticeable spiritual progress, you start getting those pangs of temptation even worse than before. They're not as frequent as before, when you barely noticed them for the temptation they were but, rather, they seem, I dunno, pointier...sharper.

You get that fleeting, hoarse whisper-y thought to go out there and simonize like a bastid.

And you catch yourself....and you realize you have a whole lifetime of having to consciously catch yourself.

It is then that God is glorified in you, that He has (and will continue to) grace you with the means to sustain that process of conscious catching yourself.

But never let your guard down.



* "Mas sabe el diablo por ser viejo que por ser diablo."


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