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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mea (et Tua) Maxima Culpa

It's about bloody time I weighed in on the Da Vinci Code.

As you may have noticed, I try to keep things positive and forward-looking on this blog (the unwritten motto of which is "I ain't got time to bleed"). I leave it to others to get all bent outa shape over heterodoxy, heresy, blasphemy and all that jazz. There is enough of that (and enough of that which is done well) for me to try to muscle in with, essentially, a glorified and overwrought "me too."

So you won't read here about how awful the book and/or movie is/are. Or read terrible things about Dan Brown, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Sony Pictures or the guy who plays the albino. Amen, amen I say to you, they've already had their reward.

I'm here to discuss the beam/board/plank/log in our collective eye.

There is one reason why we, as ostensibly committed people of faith, are in this mess. We have done, over the last 40something years, an ABYSMAL job of catechizing and evangelizing. At every opportunity, at every turn, at every single solitary last pivotal moment, we have dropped the ball. Much like a drowning man will grab an anvil, so will a society (long ago set adrift from its Judeo-Christian moorings) leap for the unapologetic--if wildly erroneous--certainty of drivel like The Da Vinci Code.

In a way I look at it like Pearl Harbor. It's not an "opportunity to dialogue" but a potentially defining moment. Not in whether it tanks at the box office, or we can muster eleventy gazillion people of all faiths and creeds to protest, picket, march or boycott. It's a potentially defining moment because we can stand up for what we believe, we can reach out to those ensnared in lies, confusion, doubletalk and spiritual fog.

Remember, kids, Satan doesn't want their soul. He just doesn't want their soul to go with God. That's it. Satan doesn't have to talk anyone into Hell, all he has to do is talk them out of Heaven...and he does not, as has become plainly obvious, abide by truth in advertising laws.




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