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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What Lola wants, Lola gets...

The lovely and talented Karen hath issued taggage unto me:

Accent: Generic American, with tinges of Grosse Pointedness.
B____: There is no "B" entry.
Chore I Hate: All chores. Forced to narrow it down to one, I'd say picking up and shelving the reading materials I have enjoyed reading.
Dog or Cat: Neither. We have a fish tank which I refuse to acknowledge.
Essential Electronics: Laptop, home theatre.
Favorite Cologne: Used to be Monogram, but now it's Polo Blue.
Gold or Silver: Gold. White gold. Looks silver-like but it's expensive, but only you know it's expensive, so you're not being flashy and tasteless.
Hometown: Miami, Florida.
Insomnia: Nightly.
Job Title: SAHD sometimes and Strategic Consultant the rest of the time.
Kids: Two.
Living arrangements: House. Wife and kids.
Most admirable traits: Brilliant and hilarious conversationalist, with a working knowledge of almost everything.
N____: There is no "N" entry.
Overnight hospital stays: One. Tonsils.
Phobias: None. I pity the phobic.
Quote: "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Mark Twain
Religion: High Church, Orthodox, Traditionalist Roman Catholic. Some days seemingly the last one left.
Siblings: One sister, younger, bossy.
Time I wake up: 6:30am if I went to sleep around 2am, or 2am if I went to sleep at 10pm. Basically, 4 hours after falling asleep.
Unusual talent or skill: Coming up with lyrics on the fly.
Vegetables I refuse to eat: The unspeakably vile bell pepper. The briny and bitter olive.
Worst habit: Procrastination.
X-rays: One, broken arm, age 9.
Yummy foods I make: The basic Euro-Mediterranean repertoire. (Ethnically speaking, I am 3/4 Iberic and 1/4 Italic) Pasta from scratch, all the major tapas food groups, anything grilled. Impressive brunch stuff, working knowledge of Creole/Cajun and Caribbean and Southwest. Put it this way: I have 9' x 4' of shelving CRAMMED with cookbooks.
Z____: There is no "Z" entry.