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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The hardest thing

I have realized that what is the hardest thing for me is forgiveness, both coming and going.

One the one hand, I am often saddled with the nasty feeling of "what do I have to be sorry for?" or "___ isn't that bad..."

By the same token, I often want to see people get their just desserts, much like the Mikado.

You'll notice the thing at the very nucleus of this is the root cause of every single solitary sin: Pride.

What I do is OK, what you do which upsets me requires a heavy penalty.

Therefore, I have to work at the letting go of my ::cough, cough:: righteous wrath and to embrace my need for constant, incessant forgiveness borne of true repentance. This involves trusting God. Trusting that He will forgive me as He has said He will, and trusting that He will deal appropriately with everyone else.

Let go, and let God.