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Thursday, June 29, 2006

In which God says: "Hey, I'm just sayin' "

So I'm struggling with my own sinfulness.

Big whoop.

And I'm praying (in the "prayer is a conversation with God" way) over it because--duh!--sinfulness, frankly, is a bite. Through the course of this prayer I eventually found myself saying to God something like: "Why didn't you make me stronger when faced with the eleventy bazillion* things which tempt me?"

That's when the thought popped into my head** "Why don't you work out more to get stronger?"

If prayer is a conversation with God, it's also your soul's workout. By workout I don't mean the sort of workout the old guys at my gym enjoy...15 minutes on a stationary bike at 2 mph (or 3kph). That's not working out, that's saying you've gone to the gym. There is a difference. In the workout sense, prayer takes you a little further, a little closer to God's vision for you. Not a better view--although as you get closer there IS that--but greater proximity. You know you're getting stronger and more limber and greater stamina, because the things which cause you to sin seem fuzzier, less focused, more abstract.

It's not that Temptation X will come charging at you full-tilt and you'll be able to wrestle it to teh ground and leave it tied up. No, Temptation X simply won't mean that much to you, it'll trot over to see if you want to play with it, sense that you no longer want to and trot away.

Like a workout schedule, prayer has to have a place in your routine. Read carefully...words mean things...that does not mean your prayer should be the routine, it means regular prayer ought be an ingrained part of your daily cycle of activities.

Now drop, and gimme 20.


* Seriously, if you were to get transcripts of my thoughts, you could go through the Ten Commandments and check them off as I broke them in thought, if not thought and deed.

** This is actually God talking to me, but if you say that too loud, the Cookie Truck comes to collect you these days.


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