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Friday, June 30, 2006

LUF et Veritas

Lighten Up Friday!

Steve Bogner, a fellow traveler A Little Battalion blogger, hereby declares today "Lighten Up Friday."

In honor of "Lighten Up Friday", the lovely and gracious Karen has created a silly meme, which I think she has entitled: The 5 Silly Facts About Me Meme:

(1) I cannot stop at just one marshmallow. If the marshmallows in question are from TinyTrapeze? I may go on a senseless rampage for more after inhaling one bale.

(2) I wear my watch on my right hand, even though I'm not a lefty.

(3) I actually stay up nights wondering what to fix for dinner. If company's coming, I may stay up 2-3 nights.

(4) I refuse to drive cars with automatic transmissions. I'm not so convinced by power steering, either.

(5) I love altering lyrics to songs to suit the conversation in I'm participating.

I tag anyone who wants to be aligned with "Lighten Up Friday."