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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

To be 100% fair: A Counter Rant

As I'm watching the ripples of the rants posted by the lovely and gracious Karen and me, I am filled with a ::cough, cough:: limited ability to contain my displeasure at the Jesuit-bashers. The general attitude among many of the self-proclaimed orthodox runs the gamut from "Suppression isn't enough, we need autos da fé." to "Well, I'm sure there are 2 or 3 halfway decent Jesuits, but the rest could use an auto da fé."

The upshot is the same: The Society of Jesus is a useless collection of tye-dye Birkenstocker heterodox heterophobes and utterly beyond repair. To say the Jesuits are beyond repair means they are beyond prayer. Which is, frankly, a manifestly disgraceful way of thinking. As my relatives in Spain would say (after some translatin') thinking like that means "Satan has just walked in through the front door."

Not only are the Jesuits clearly, totally, unarguably not beyond prayer; rather they need and deserve our prayers. From St. Ignatius, St. Francis Xavier, St. Isaac Jogues through Bl. Peter Faber, Bl. Miguel A. Pro on down to Bergoglio, Dulles. Hardon, Pacwa, Fessio and all those nameless Jesuits who toil in seemingly thankless anonymity strictly Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam...they all deserve our prayers.

It seems to me the way God will straighten out the Jesuits (and yes, the Society needs a good straightening...don't make Karen and me go over there and have an don't have time to mop the place after Karen gets done wheezing fabada out her nose like some sort of mutant Iberic RainBirdTM sprinkler) is by calling and keeping men faithful to Him and His Church's teachings.

But how is this to be when the ostensibly faithful take every opportunity to gleefully kick the Company in the slats? It's one thing for the faithful, orthodox, solid Catholic guy to answer the call knowing the difficulties ahead but confident of God's wisdom and steadfastness, as manifested by the support and encouragement of the faithful. It's another, and a more daunting, thing to do so unsure if anyone, anywhere really cares whether or not Mr. Orthodox Q. Faithful is swimming against the tide to the deafening silence from the peanut gallery.

In other words, people who willfully or innocently discourage good, solid, orthodox men from becoming or remaining a Jesuit when God has called them're doing Satan's work.

Yes. Strong words. Sometimes you have to call a spade, a spade...and sometimes you have to call it a @#$%ing shovel.




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