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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A wholly unrelated rant

There's something that has been chapping my [insert medical term here] in the last few days. I see discussions and comments and things bouncing around the blogosphere where the names of assorted Catholic priests are slung around freely. Sometimes with reverence and sometimes in terms of opprobrium.

What bugs me is that even the ones I consider to be the wackiest nutjobs, the looniest of the loons, the very conductors of The Disoriented Express deserve to be addressed with respect. It's FATHER (or Fr.) Whathisface, not "that Whatshisface." Priesthood is a serious gig. As a Catholic, I believe a priest has been given the awesome power by God to, by his words and actions, consecrate bread and wine...which becomes a Really Truly Present Jesus Christ (body, blood, soul and divinity).

Think of the priest with whom you disagree the most...I don't care if it's Fr. Drinan or Fr. Neuhaus. His hands give you Christ. Disagree with him as strenuosly as your conscience demands, but respect his office as one instituted by Christ himself.
Today's relevant Scripture bit: The Gospel according to St. Matthew, 23:2-3

Off you go.