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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Straighten up and fly right

The lovely and gracious Karen, having been forced by circumstances to rethink a blog entry in which she waxed wroth, has instead posted a post which featured this tidbit:

On 31 July 1734, St. Ignatius, whose feast day was being celebrated, showed Brother Hoyos by a very affectionate look, how pleased he was to see his sons working together for the glorification of the Sacred Heart. [Emphasis Karen's, and right she is.] On the other hand, when the holy religious prayed for those who opposed this holy cause, he understood to what extent their attitude displeased St. Ignatius by the severity and indignation that showed in his eyes.

I believe a good way to start fixing some of the problems which beset the Society would be to foster anew a greater reverence for the supernatural aspects of the divine. A greater emphasis--one than is currently in evidence--of the seventh* Gift of the Holy Spirit is, I firmly believe, an ideal first step. Those who resist or demur or oppose will do us the inestimable favor of revealing themselves.



* Look it up, it'll do you good.


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