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Monday, September 04, 2006

...and here's why.

Sorry to have been out of the loop these last few days. My great-uncle C. died on Friday. He is the last one of my grandparents' generation* to go, and he died at age 100 + a few weeks. Surprisingly, he had been in excellent health until Tuesday when his heart started failing. After that his decline was rapid and, thank God, painless. He was a good man, a gentleman in every sense of the word: kind, loyal, learned, wise, charitable, pious and ridiculously erudite; full of enthusiasm and integrity. He had been a professor, then dean of the school of commerce and eventually president of the University of Havana until the [spit] Communists [/spit] threw him in jail for "counter-revolutionary activities." He became a senior partner at a Very Big Accounting firm and he helped train thousands of of the partners from Latin America until he finally REALLY retired around age 85.

He finally joins my great-aunt (he had widowed about 6 years ago), but down here he will be missed greatly. So that's why I have been out and will be until Wednesday-ish. Your prayers for the respose of his soul will be immensely appreciated.


* Hard to believe he was "the baby."