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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Memo from "The Better Late Than Never, Dept."

Somehow I missed this meme thing with which the estimable Shan has tagged me.

Five Things in my Freezer
1. Homemade chicken stock
2. Ice
3. Limoncello
4. The insert thingy for the ice cream maker
5. Pearl onions.

Five Things in my Closet
1. My camera stuff, gathering dust
2. Half of my shoes
3. Suits
4. Shirts
5. The tie rack I need to fasten to the closet wall so I can hang my ties properly

Five Items in my Car.
1. Car cover. (It gets HOT here, and Italian cars are not generally cars with highly efficient a/c systems)
2. My MP3 player
3. My Leatherman multi-tool thing
4. Jumper cables. “Just in case.”
5. Leather folder thingy to put in the manual, maintenance records and receipts.

Five interesting things in my backpack
Backpack? Dude, I'm 42...I haven't carried a backpack in 20 years. But I carry an attaché case, wherein I have:
1. My rosary.
2. My PDA.
3. My cell phone.
4. My pen du jour (don't ask).
5. Whatever book I'm reading.

I hereby tag Ryan J. Duns SJ (newly designated Chairman of Fordham's Tin Whistle Department) and the talented and gracious Karen.