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Monday, September 18, 2006

Oooh. A sale!

As you may know, this summer the family and I decided to burn up the rest of our FF miles on a vacation package to Disneyland (being ever-so-jaded with Walt Disney World) and during that trip we had the opportunity to visit (briefly!) the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles.

Given the ::cough, cough:: Archdiocese in question, most people would be amazed at how wonderful, gloriously orthodox, dynamic, serving and on-fire-for-the-faith these women are. (Pray for them!!!) Anyway, they couldn't have possibly been more hospitable. Earlier that summer I had a business project go somewhat better than planned, and after prayin' up a storm over it, I was able to make a modest donation to the Carmelite Sisters. Anyway, even though there were 4 (4?) sisters making final vows that day, and all sorts of hectic-ness going on, Mother Regina Marie took time out from her exceedingly busy schedule to meet with us and all that. Even in the midst of all that hectic activity they threw breakfast at us. Figuratively, I mean. Including this brioche thing with a dark chocolate swirl that assures me whichever Sister baked it is assured a place in Heaven. I had to remind myself that 1- Gluttony is a sin and 2- I haven't seen my abdominal muscles in some time and this deliciousness wasn't going to help. But it was achingly hard to not eat it all.

So--and I'm homing in on the point of this post, I promise--upon returning I thought about how unfailingly kind they have been to me and my family and, gee, I oughta do something nice for them as a thank you. (The good Jesuit fathers drummed it into our heads that in order to be a Catholic gentleman, one had to be both thoroughly a Catholic and thoroughly a gentleman.) But given that we had had their bread and salt, I didn't just want to scribble a note and dash it off.

So I thought, much like Winnie the Pooh used to, and thought some more and I recalled that at their library they were a bit low on books by Jesuits. (Karen, they already have several biographies of St. Ignatius...I thought of that first.) I know the Sisters have an affinity of a certain kind of Jesuit. When Frs. Buckley and Fessio (see where I'm going with this?) went from the University of San Francisco to a hospital as chaplains it was to Duarte, CA...the medical center run by (you guessed it!) the very same Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. I believe the exact words used were "we snapped them up!" So I had that going for me.

Now, what to get? So I rummaged online and after a somewhat convoluted path, I found a web page on the estimable Fr. John Hardon, SJ. That webpage was attached to an apologetics blog ( and perusing that blog I see it's run by Dave Armstrong, whose books and writings I have enjoyed for years.


His latest entry is on the fact he's having a sale of his e-books (I think he needs more hard disk space or something?) and therefore $25 gets you 11 books. With a special discount if you jump through a couple of none-too-bad hoops; which you'll have to discover on your own. Frs. Fessio and Hardon have spoken very highly of him and his works and just thumbing through the blog, as it were, is enough to assure me his the words of the movie "money, baby!"

Go now, and place your order.



P.S. I ended up finding a MINT copy of Fr. Hardon's exhaustive book on the Catechism for the Sisters.