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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

See? Told ya.

"An optimist has no brakes, but a pessimist has no engine." Sign hanging behind the desk at my mechanic's office.

The lovely and gracious Karen will, in the sweet by-and-by, come around to shake her pessimism (I'll bet a kidney she thinks she's being a realist. Sh'yeah.) and not for any reason other than because she will eventually be unable to bear the weight of grain upon grain of good news raining down on her.

She herself writes:

I just returned from the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars (no, I am not suffering from the delusion that I am one) and one of the participants was a Jesuit that I am adding to my "good guy" list. He is Fr. Joseph Koterski, SJ; he is the Chair of the Philosphy department at Fordham and he has published eleventy bazillion articles, for anyone who wants to know him better.

I felt very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the Mass over which he presided

Dutifully clicking the links shows Fr. Koterski to be, in Wodehouse's words, "one of nature's ripest." University Faculty For Life*? Cardinal Newman Society? This is priceless, priceless stuff. Anyone with an interest in the future of the Company in particular and academic Christianity in general has much to rejoice over when reading Fr. Koterski's C.V.



* At first I misread that and assumed it was some weird tenure thing. See? Even I make mistakes.


  • At 2:22 PM, October 01, 2006 , Blogger Aunty Belle said...

    Ya' know what, honey chile'? Ya' can find some real good stuff puttin' "Catholic" in a "seach blogs" in AMDG!

    Sompin' else that we Catholics can be optimistic about--you to Karen, sugar-- is the Pope. Why he is stirrin' thangs up a bit, ain't he?? We'uns need ter pray for him--a heap o' prayers.

    Please send ole' Aunty Belle a copy of that Latin letter ter Mahony an' I'll up the ante to 10 bucks, sweet potato. If ya' CC it to His Holiness Benedict XVI, I'll kick in Confederate 100 dollar bill.


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