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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wine Spectating.


I'm rummaging through Holy Writ, as is my wont, and I am struck by something. (I mean struck by something I was reading, as opposed to struck by a hunk of plaster off the ceiling.) I had noticed the frequent comparison between "us" and sheep* before. But that whole wine/vineyard thing had escaped me.

We see a lot of references to the vineyard, vines, vineyard of the Lord and the question naturally sprang forth of "Um...why all this vineyard and wine stuff? Why not dairy and milk? Or grove and juice?" It has to do with the fact it takes some measure of process to reach "wine."
So, I was shooting emails back and forth with the lovely and talented Karen, when this popped into my head, down my arms, out my fingertips and onto the keyboard. So, because I'm a giver, I share it with youse:

That is to say, I've been a grape, I've been crushed, I've had all the stems and seeds and skins removed, I've been juice, and now I'm starting to ferment. Not yet a stellar vintage, I'm afraid.

Some people start out as grapes and get botrytized** on the vine and rot and fall off. Or fall off and wither into raisins. But those that are to become wine must undergo...stuff. Crushing and plucking and filtering and all that. We have to do the very same, if we're to reach the goal of "becoming wine" that is, we have to endure a lot. In the process, our seed sprouts new vines in the Lord's vineyard. Which is what God is telling us.

Which is why we must pray for vocations, that more will become laborers in the vineyard of the Lord.



* More on that later.
** Some, who are caught in time, turn into a particularly rare and sweet wine, but now I may be getting all carried away with this metaphor.


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