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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Losing touch with your flock is bad enough, losing touch with reality quite another.

OK, so I'm traipsing merrily through the Internet before tackling that rather vexing (and humbling...keep praying, please) business problem and I run across this priceless gem regarding the possible motu proprio by the Holy Father on the Traditional Latin Mass:

The money quote--and I cannot be the only one to have felt this way-- from the above article simply HAS to be:

The clerics predict that by allowing broader use of the Tridentine rite, the papal document would "plunge us back into the liturgical life of another age."

Color me reactionary, but methinks "Yee-HAH!!" Because if memory serves, the liturgical life of THIS age (assuming you don't live in a parallel universe like THIS GUY) hasn't actually produced anything. Anything good, I mean. Which is how you can tell I'm all reactionary and so forth...I'm a slave to results. The "another age" so dismissively treated had much to be admired, and ardently so, especially when compared to "this age" which frankly, is like comparing a purple leisure suit to a Savile Row tuxedo.

The "liturgical life of another age" (1965) ceding to the one of this age (2004/5/6) has brought:

1- A freefall in vocations (especially in religious sisters, ouch)
2- A skyrocketing (how does 650% grab ya?) in the number of parishes without a resident pastor.
3- The shuttering of parishes, elementary and parochial schools.
4- A collapse in Mass attendance.

To say nothing of the number of divorces among Catholics, the number of Catholics living en concubinage, the number of abortions or the collapse in devotions. To say nothing of the abysmal catechetical crisis that the climate of "this age" engenders, which has led to millions of Catholics slipping into material heresy. (Quick, go find out how many Catholics believe in the True Presence.) To say nothing of the scandals which seem to thrive in the hospitable climate of an age with a lax liturgical life.

Those who are trembling like an aspen over the possibility the Holy Father might allow (not compel) a broader use of the Traditional Latin Mass would do well to look up St. Matthew 7:16-20.




  • At 1:41 PM, October 25, 2006 , Blogger Veritas said...


    As a 27 year old, with a vocation to an orthodox religious order, and in love with devotions (by the way, I consider myself educated), I'd have to say that the seed that began it all was a look back to how it "used to be". Deo Gratias!

  • At 10:35 PM, November 04, 2006 , Blogger Mister Know It All said...

    1. Ha! Yes, Heaven forbid a 2,000 year old church should live in (i.e., remember) its past.

    b. In your list of what's gone
    wrong with the Church, don't
    forget Catholics using
    artificial methods of birth

    2. Commenting about the Virgin here, and not above, because you have comments enabled here, and not above: but where does the Immaculate Conception fit in with your idea of eternity?

  • At 9:00 AM, November 06, 2006 , Blogger Joe said...

    b- Yep. You're right.

    2- Sorry about that! For some reason, I have to enable comments EVERY time I post and sometimes I forget.

    My point was that the Immaculate Conception took place as a function of the redemptive power of Christ, since He is outside time.




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