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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feast of All Saints

It's pretty much axiomatic of Catholicism that Mary is the Top Saint. You carry Our Savio(u)r for nine months in your womb, and all that...well, there are perks.

Now, the thing that always had me a bit confused was how Mary was born without Original Sin. We know the remission of sin, both actual and original, is done through the redemption of Christ, and that He instituted Sacraments (Baptism & Confession leap to mind) for that very purpose. But, um, the timeline always threw me for a loop because, y'know, because Mary was conceived "ever sinless" before the Crucifixion.

An explanation didn't dawn on me until it finally hit me that Christ, being both true man and true God, is eternal and (get this) eternity is a two-way street. Like a twit, I always equated eternity with an endless future. The beginningless past never struck me. The best way I can describe the difference between the way we view time and the way God views time is the difference between a VHS (or Betamax, if you're schismatic) tape and a DVD. We, like the tape, grind forward and to access a given point in time have to spool up on way or the other. God, being a DVD (HD-DVD, probably) doesn't need to bother. EVERYTHING is laid out flat before Him and He just accesses it with His laser. Zap! vs. Bzz-bzz-bzz-bzz.


Whereas for us the redemptive healing of Christ is given to us like a medicine to cure a disease, in Mary's case, it can be said it was applied to her like a vaccine. When we enter Heaven we will be free from all sin, but only because we had it removed. Mary, on the other hand was "innoculated" against sin.

There ya go.