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Monday, November 13, 2006

A game of inches.

As I type this, reports and rumors of reports dribble out of the Holy See regarding the possibility of a broader indult for the "Tridentine" Mass. It is no surprise the Usual Suspects do not care for this greater freedom.

As a libertarian, I humbly ask those who oppose the liberation of a perfectly valid Mass: "What's it to you?" If you want the Full Kumbaya, feel free to attend at St. William Sonoma and revel in the macramé, tambourines and the full-on choreography in the pews. If that draws you ever closer to God, then more power to you. Go nuts. Enjoy it in good health.

Personally, I don't know that I'd attend such a Mass as the Tridentine more than a few times a year. As I've stated before, I'm more of a moderate. Give me a Missa Normativa ad orientem and I'm happy. Why, even an "EWTN rite" Mass hits the spot.


I stumbled on the following:

Given that it's NPR, factual errors are unavoidable. (For instance, Vatican 2 permitted the vernacular Mass, it didn't require it.) But these errors are surprisingly small and the piece is rather fair and quite balanced; a good thing since my tax dollars paid for it. Go listen to it and then come back, I'll wait.



When you play it again, you'll notice that almost all those in favor of a more traditional liturgy are young. By the standards of the thing, I'm a geezer at 43. Those who oppose it seem to be of an age group where "new car purchases" are a diminishing* expectation. Some of the more outrageous opponents are probably wondering if GeritolTM will transubstantiate, but I digress.

This all leads me to believe that a ressourcement is taking root, and fast. It is a given that true leadership is a contest of results, and the results of these last 40 years in the wilderness have been uniformly abysmal. By no objective measure is there anything that has gotten better. It would appear that those who brought us these changes which have spawned the aforementioned results will be exiting the stage** in short order and will likely not leave many heirs...only successors.

Of course, the edifice that is the current mess didn't get built in a day. And it must be dismantled the same way. So roll up your sleeves, and take up your rosary against it.



* This is marketing-speak for "they will be passing away soon."
** The lovely and gracious Karen is of the opinion the greatest benefit the Baby Boomers could leave this world is leaving this world.