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Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Pleased to meet you, won't you guess my name?"

Earlier today I was engrossed in an email discussion with someone I shan't expose. The premise of this discussion was that we ought hope and pray that Satan may be saved. I was horrified by this outlook. Granted, I am a cheerfully orthodox Catholic and so I take what the Church teaches au pied a lettre. Therefore, I hang my hat on the fact the Catechism EXPLICITLY says Satan is beyond redemption. By having beheld the beatific vision and yet still rebelled, he sinned against the Holy Spirit and that is unforgivable. (Mt. 12:32)

The fact is that angelic creatures are not like human creatures. They are purely spiritual beings and as such don't need to figure things out. They are created "pre-wired" and they are also beholding God in a way we can only hope to reach one day. For an angel to rebel is a LOT worse than for a human to sin. We sin because we are fooled by what we perceive or by our understanding of what we perceive. This means there are a zillion different variables that can cause us to go off the rails. Angelic creatures have no such excuse, therefore they have no such forgiveness.

I mean, it's kinda/sorta/maybe for the relatively well-informed to hear this sort of thing. A well-catechized person shrugs it off and keeps on chugging along. But what about the average person? The one who has other priorities than to sort out the differences between Thomism and Glassprism or to suss out the subtle nuances encoded between the lines of the encyclical Deus Ex Machina? That kind of "just folks"Catholic can get easily cowed by fancy academic and ecclesial plumage and go off believing, frankly, drivel at best and manifest heresy at worst. (Cf. St.Luke 17:1-2)

But at least now y'all know the deal and can catechize on the matter.




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