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Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

Here are the Thanksgiving Day pix (the ones that came out, anyway).
Y'start with the turkeys brining.

Then you get your turkey stock going (when I started the pot was to the edge with liquid, as in the 1st of these two pix)

This picture got mangled, but it was the picture of all the accoutrements needed to cook all this stuff. These are the tables for all the people who came. (Not shown: Kid's table.)

Top and bottom ovens, w. one turkey apiece.

The appetizer -- which is not my dept. -- leftovers. (The bacon-prune things came late)

The grilled turkey leftovers. (Note the tray with the heretic mashed potatoes is DAMNED NEAR EMPTY.)

The regular turkey leftovers.

The general leftovers.

A very tired namesake. (Yes, that IS a chef's jacket on the lad. Start saving for the dowry now.)



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