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Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote early and vote often.

Assiduous readers of this blog will note I almost invariably steer verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry clear of politics. This is simply not my politics* blog.


Here in the USA it's election time and several groups have published voting guides for Catholics. The USCCB reminded me of the way Tom Lehrer described Gilbert & Sullivan: "full of words and music and signifying nothing."

The one which makes the most sense to me is the one from Catholic Answers, titled Voters Guide for Serious Catholics. I like it because it highlights (and follow me closely here) those moral issues on which a Catholic may not compromise: abortion, assisted suicide, homosexual marriage, embryonic experimetation, that sort of thing; and putting on a back burner (quite correctly, in my view) prudential judgments along the lines of tax policy, military issues and those sorts of matter.

Put another way, no matter how sound Candidate A may be on these prudential judgments (we'll set aside for now what "sound" really means/ought mean) if Candidate A is on the side opposite Catholic teaching on the non-negotiables, well, then...that's that. The word "non-negotiable" has a very specific meaning, and for good reason.



* In the interest of full disclosure, it will come as no suprise I am not even remotely progressive...being rather fond of progress.