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Friday, December 01, 2006

Like, blegging, but not really.


As you guys may know, besides my raving Ignatiophilia, I also have an immensely soft spot in my heart for the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles. These women are unfailingly holy, humble, kind, dynamic, and ardently committed to serving Christ. To be as steadfast and loyal and positive and yes, orthodox (what? shut up!) to our Catholic faith, something which, given these times*, requires an amazing outpouring of grace.

But it's not all skittles and beer** in Carmelite Land. A lot of the places where they serve aren't, y'know, affluent; which is a bit of a strain as they strive to bring the Good News to children and families via their Religious Education program.

So I have decided to give them a hand.

They are selling handcrafted Christmas cards. How often have you wished for Christmas cards that were both beautifully artisanal and also kept alive the true meaning of Christmas? It's nearly impossible, innit? Either the cards that are wonderfully crafted leave God entirely out of the picture or those that show reverence are, well, not all that much to look at.

Here is your chance to have both and to do a bit of good during this Christmas season.

These cards were designed and crafted by legendary "woodcut" artist Betty Portocarrero Solorzano exclusively for Christmas 2006 in a very limited run of 1000. Once these cards are gone, they are real gone. These charming images have been printed on 100% rag or 100% linen, 100% post-consumer recycled, 100% acid-free (archival quality!) heavyweight card stock. Each package of 10 cards (of the same design) comes lovingly packaged with cellophane and ribbonin case you'd rather make a wonderful gift of these cards, instead of sending them. (You could do both, you know!) Each pack of 10 cards also comes with 10 red or bottle-green satin envelopes. The cards are 7"x4¾" folded (tryptych-style, a far more time-consuming but beautiful way to do it) and 7"x10"open. One card (green envelope & ribbon) has "Oh, Holy Night!" on the cover and inside, a passage from Scripture underneath the image (Mt. 1:23), the other two (red envelope & ribbon) have "May the light of Christ fill your heart and home! Merry Christmas" on the cover and inside, one of these two has a passage St. John's Gospel (1:5a-9a), and the other a passage from Isaiah (Is. 9:1,5)
Betty sold these cards herself for $5 each or $45 for a package of 10, but has donated the last run of each design for the Sisters, who are selling them for a measly, piddly, paltry $2/card or $17.50/10. Show your friends and family you are thinking of them during this Christmas season, and remind them what truly lies at the heart of this very special time. Shipping will be $3.10 for Media Mail, or $4.05 for US Postal Service Priority, or $14.40 for US Postal Service Express if you're in a desperate rush. No, there will be no "handling" fees or any of that nonsense. Naturally, non-US buyers will incur additional charges for delivery.

If you have any questions, etc. please send me a message. Shipping will be combined to the limits of the flat rate packages offered by the US Postal Service. If you pay via PayPal, please be aware I cannot ship to non-verified addresses, I must ship to your address of record on PayPal. If you need these cards shipped to a different address, please pay by check or money order. Email me at JMGarciaIII at yah oo dot com for details (bigger pictures, multiple purchases or if you want to buy directly from the Carmelites) etc., etc.

I'm just a guy trying to do my good deed for the day. I strive for excellent transactions and if you have any concerns, please let me know and we'll put it right. 100% of the proceeds of this sale go to benefit the Religious Education program of the Carmelite Sisters.

To my loyal readers: If at all possible, please try to put a brief link to this sale on your blog. These Sisters really, truly deserve our support.



* and, the Inner Cynic says, "and the archdiocese in which they labor."
** yuck!


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