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Monday, December 18, 2006

So's you have a rough idea.

A week ago yesterday, a platoon representing one of my clients flew up from Argentina. This client is an exhibitor at an annual trade show and must bring a massive booth infrastructure along. This client is one of my original clients and while the work I do for him is awfully schleppy by the current standards of my career, I do it because he gave me "my big break" and all that.

This meant I had to spend Monday and Tuesday at Customs and Home Depot and Office Depot and Crate & Barrel and so forth. I also had to rent a truck and drive it to the convention center in central FL (at 72mph top speed)...then unload the booth, assemble the booth (2500lb), "work the show" (12 hours of standing for 3 days in a row), break the booth down at 7pm, reload it in the truck, grab a quick drive through dinner and arrive at home at 3am on (technically) Sunday.

All while surrounded by pottymouth semi-misogynists who smoke as much as Californians would if it would get them into movies. Today, I finally wrapped up the whole truck thing by dropping off said truck.

Now I have to sweat out the Big Autumn Project, for which I am (still!) openly requesting prayers, seeing as how we're coming down to the Crunch Time. (The extremely lovely and searingly gracious Karen lit a candle for me at St. Pat's, which you, dear reader are not required to do, but I'll take what I can get.)

So there.