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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catholic Schools Week

Should you send your child(ren) to a Catholic School?

The answer to the question is, clearly,: depends on the school. After all, what's the use of sending your child to a Catholic school if they wind up as horribly catechized and woefully confused as Alexandra Pelosi? While "our" school excellent in both matters of academics AND Catholicism, the two closest parochial elementary schools to ours are both, um, lukewarm in their Catholic identity.

The difference?

Our school is run by (pardon the pun) old-school Carmelites who are solid, orthodox, active and zealous. And I am not saying that because some of them* read this blog. The problem is that even if you choose to send your child to a non-Catholic school and then bring him (or, as it happens with some frequency, her) in for CCD) you're still stuck with that weak-tea stuff. If they don't call it CCD, that's usually an indicator of something not-so-hot.

You have no idea the difference it makes to have a school run by orthodox, committed Sisters (or Brothers, or Fathers...) as opposed to the laity. The Sisters, based in L.A., love coming here because they see the fruits of the seeds they plant and, as a bonus, they get to kneel. To have them come to our parish (instead of the other way around) is a grace in bold, neon letters. It is a distinct honor and an undeserved privilege to have them here and what little I can do to assist them, I do so joyfully.

I realize many ::cough, cough:: schools are not nearly so blessed. I realize many parishes place a great emphasis not on steadfast fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church, but rather the theological impact of macramé and of felt vs. burlap banners. I realize I live in some sort of bubble, what with this sort of excellent parochial school and also surrounded by Jesuits who make it a point of having Adoration, and praying the Rosary and all that stuff many others decry as semi-superstitious XIX Century mumbo-jumbo, but there you are.

I'd send my kids here even if I had to commute 2 hours each way.


* Waves to Sr. I, Sr. R, Sr. MK!