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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Finally, it comes to pass.

A certain someone I know is getting ordained this (I believe) June. He will -- if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise -- become a Jesuit priest. Complying with an explicit request, I shan't divulge any more details.

Besides the usual stuff in which one rejoices, I rejoice because he is a very strong candidate for Chosen Dozen status. I further rejoice because his formation was, er, rough. The nutshell of the thing is that he discovered to his bitter surprise that not everyone in a position to affect the pursuit of his calling was (in his words) "on board." This was manifested in varying degrees of intensity. Some had views that were slightly at variance with Catholic teaching and not a few were at variance on almost all of the "controversial" issues du jour. The problem is that this guy saw it as his obligation to set straight those instructors whose views on, say, artificial contraception, were not in synchrony with the official position of the Church.

Finally, he had to be told (by those who cared about him) point-blank: "Shut up and get ordained."

Well, he has, and it seems he will.