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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Giving the devil his due

It's a tough call, deciding if evil deserves patience.

However, it's far more clear that evil hates (and I mean hates) perseverance.

Real-life example!

Today our parish was having an all-day retreat for those who will make their confirmation this year. I was chosen to give a brief presentation on the Scriptural underpinnings of the Rosary. So, having this assignment ahead of time, I get the ol' laptop out and start working on a Snazz-O-Matic ShockWave/Flash-like presentation thing. I scan great artistic representations of the scenes related to the various mysteries. I obsess over the animation, transitions, fonts, layout, etc. I scour through Holy Writ, read assorted translations, pick out choice verses from each, yaddayaddayaddayadda.

I mean, I really busted my chops on this one. In fact, I did this as if I were being graded thereon. It came out GREAT. So, happy with my efforts, I take selfsame laptop to the retreat, secure the projector from Sister I. and go to rig up the thing. Only this laptop considers that projector not another monitor, but an extension of the screen, which makes showing the presentation well-nigh impossible.

"Aha!" I say, I'll just connect this via S-Video cable. Only the laptop has no S-Video out, and even if it did, the S-Video input on the projector D-E-A-D dead. Oh, and the only extension cord was being put to use elsewhere.

Satan, y'see, kept heaping roadblocks at this. But -- having learned this the hard way -- I kept at it. Evil hates relentlessness. Read back to the Gospel according to Sts. Luke & Matthew (4:13 and 4:11, respectively) and you'll notice that Satan tried to derail Jesus and finally got tired of Jesus not giving in and chose to leave Jesus (for the moment). So knowing that

a) what I had been chosen to say was important, and
b) what's good for souls is bad for Satan, and
c) Satan is aware of the above, and finally
d) if you keep at it, he'll leave you for a time.

I kept at it. And it went well. It wasn't what I had planned on, but we managed to pray the Rosary, and we managed to delve a bit deeper into it and understand it a little better.

And we managed to learn the answer to the question: "When we will defeat Satan?"

With God's grace, the last time we struggle against him.




  • At 9:34 PM, January 27, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    (1) The devil LOVES technology. It's his favorite thing on the list of "how to frustrate Christians when they are trying to spread the gospel." Ask Barbara Nicolosi. Projectors throw themselves off of tables at Act One functions.

    (2) You are the only person on the planet who has ever referred to me as "gracious" even once, much less repeatedly. I'm starting to think it's sarcasm.


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