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Friday, January 26, 2007

"So often you don't even notice it."

The lovely and gracious Karen has expressed herself on the matter of frustration at the Current State of Things.

While she may not realize it, her manner of coping with the things which frustrate her is a result of being kinda new Catholic-wise. This is to say, that she is not quite inured to the agents of frustration. So whackjobs act, well, wacky and nobody does anything and it gets Karen all mental. Which is understandable, since she hasn't gotten jaded accustomed yet.

Eventually, things reach a point when you realize that what you think ought be done is so unlikely to happen in your lifetime that you stop looking at the macro and start looking at the micro. At least that's what's happened in my case. You learn to look for a different approach and you learn that if you really want to have an impact, you have to start plowing different fields and not expecting the harvest to show up while you're still around to pick it.

In my case, I teach CCD. I make sure that I discuss things with my sons, and my wife and let them know why X is wrong and Y is right. I also let them know that they must also pass this on. I also try to engage, charitably, those who might, um, be off in the tall grass on some issue or another.

Said differently, I persevere not because there is something inherently noble or glorious in it, but because we have no choice. Now, you can decry the choicelessness until you're blue in the face but that won't mean you've been given the privilege of altering reality.

Besides, think of all the good stuff you can offer up. Why, every time I attend mass in L.A. I manage to offer up enough aggravation to fling umpteen gazillion souls out of Purgatory.