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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Under assault...and lovin' it!

If you are a half-sentient person, you will have noted that Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular, and orthodox Catholicism in specific, are under assault.

The, um, salvationally-imperiled* bloggers hired by John Edwards are but the latest example, and I bring up the additional evidence of the treatment of this story by the "useful idiots"** in the Fifth Column Fourth Estate.

William & Mary has taken down a cross from a Christian chapel on the grounds "some people" might be offended by the presence of Christian symbols in Christian places of worship.

Everywhere you go, people who are of a Christian bent are the gleeful targets of attack, as the redership of Commonweal will eventually discover when the Fellow Travelers*** run out of other targets.

Europe has decided to roll over in the face of Islamofascists.


Christians have gotten fat, dumb and happy. We have forgotten what the early Church Fathers had to undergo, what assorted missionaries withstood. We have gotten complacent. We need a snap-to, a wake-up call.

No hitting the snooze, now.


* How's that for charitable?
** I'm just quoting, so it's not uncharitable.
*** Ibid.