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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who's your Abba?

No, not those Swedish semi-disco pop lightweights.

Holy Writ has Christ referring to God the Father as "Abba" and defining it, rather turgidly, as "Father." Which ain't zackly so. A more (but still not perfectly) accurate definition is "Daddy." It is supposed to show not merely a paternal/filial thing going on, but the utter dependence we have on Him and which we must acknowledge if we're to make any headway.

So, that part's easy. God loves us like a Daddy does, magnified eleventy gazillion times. Much like I feel about each of my sons, He wants to just hug us, love us, kiss us, stroke our hair and look into our (relatively) innocent eyes and bask in our basking. Satan, coincidentally, wants us also. Not for himself, natch, but to keep us from being with God. God cares where we go, Satan cares where we don't.

Put another way, if God wants us to be with him like a Daddy, Satan wants us like a kidnapper. He knows he can't destroy or overpower God, so he goes for the Next Best Thing, those whom He loves. That's his way of "stickin' it to God." Towards that end, he'll do what he can to get the maximum number of people to peel off from God. He'll flatter us, delude us just enough or appeal to our senses and our feelings to get the most damnation for his effort.

Don't fall for it, people.