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Friday, March 02, 2007

OK. I'm going to try to do this charitably.

No guarantees I'm going to succeed, though.

A while back, the estimable Ryan Duns, SJ posted an entry where he took mild exception to an article written by someone named Regina Brett. On a certain blog (which, frankly, I'm not eager to publicize* and so I won't!) a certain blogger accused Ryan, the foul bloodthirsty ogre that he is, of "attacking" Ms. Brett.

(Ms. Brett had worried about the priest shortage in print and, through a careful analysis of the thing, arrived at the very novel, audacious conclusion that what we need are -- drumroll!-- priestesses and married male priests. I'll pause while the newness of this sinks in. Anyway, I stated my views already, so I shan't rehash them.)

However, this blogger then posts a snippet from someone's comment in a famous (for being virulently anti-Catholic) blog's combox. This person, a feminist woman, natch, goes into a pellucidly clear, if unwitting, exposition on the dangers of poor-to-nonexistent catechesis, wherein a perfect score is reached in landing opposite Church teaching on Coincidentally, our fearless blogger holds up the author of this pitiable snippet as an example of what a priest(ess) ought to be, whereas in his lamentable opinion Ryan has, frankly, no more brains than could comfortably fill an egg cup.

It'll come as no suprise that this poor, deluded blogger has it exactly bass-ackwards. Setting aside that someone who professes to be "no longer a Catholic" is likely to be a very poor priest(ess) no matter how ardently an anti-Jesuit wishes it to be; the fact is that Ryan's argument -- an argument FAR milder than I would have made -- is right and the argument posited against his is, let's face it, evidently lacking in coherence and intellectual rigor.

Which is not surprising, given the characteristics of the blog where this whole thing appeared.

You have no idea how difficult it has been to be charitable in blooging on this.


* You may find it if you're diligent enough. But hanged if I send traffic in that direction.


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