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Thursday, March 15, 2007

See? What'd I tell ya?

In a previous blog entry, I alluded to "those who desire wiggle room as their main place of residence."


Rummaging around online, I found my way to Gerald's blog, The Cafeteria Is Closed. There, Gerald had posted a link to an article on the New Ways Ministry being denied permission to celebrate the Eucharist (if you read up thereon, the reasons for this denial of permission ought strike you as absurdly obvious).

Here is the money quote du jour, with the added fillip of bolstering my statement above:

"There [in Kentucky], [New Ways Ministry executive director Francis]
DeBernardo said, Archbishop Thomas Kelly told New Ways Ministry that he had been told by the Vatican not to allow the Eucharist — a decision that lies with the
head of the diocese under church law.

Kelly invited conference participants to instead attend Mass at his cathedral — but New Ways Ministry declined and conducted the Eucharist anyway, saying Kelly's letter fell short of forbidding the sacrament.

'We saw it as a loophole,' DeBernardo said."
Setting aside the salvationally-charged consequences for those who like playing Simon Says with the Magisterium, we have to look at the deeper implications of veiled disobedience. While all indications are the cafeteria is, indeed, closed, it does very little good if those in charge don't lock it or if others break in and throw trays and spoons around. Y'know, it used to be the devil was in the details, but now it seems Satan has found much plusher digs in the pied-a-terre that is "wiggle room."