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Monday, April 09, 2007


There is a reason why Karen and I cannot have good Mass experiences on the same weekend. What that reason actually IS isn't something about which I am entirely clear. I recall that she had a stellar Midnight Mass last Christmas, whereas we -- for the first time in well over a decade -- had a, um, different kind.

But on Spy Wednesday we had a wonderful Tenebræ, on Maundy Thursday an B+ Mass (there had been a coed group of foot-washees, in spite of the rubrics been explicitly clear that it was a Guy Thing, and that knocked it down a peg). The Liturgy on Good Friday was a B- (for some reason we cut the general intercessions WAY short, and had to sit through the Passion narrative, rather than stand) and sunrise Mass on Easter Sunday was an A-.

Karen, alas, reports a rather opposite set of circumstances over by her.

My guess is that the USCCB is worried about the effect of both of us being simultaneously pleased with Mass. Why, if both of us experienced a reverent liturgy, this may have apocalyptic consequences.




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