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Friday, April 06, 2007

What's so good, exactly, about Good Friday?

I am resting my brain from that appalling translation of the AE. I beg you guys to cut me some slack.

When I was a kid, my birthday landed on Good Friday once or twice. Well, I say "when I was a kid" in my own flippant way, because I'm ostensibly an adult and it still occasionally lands on Good Friday.

The point is that I never saw the charm of having Good Friday and my birthday coincide.

Having reached man's estate, however, I look at it differently. No, Good Friday is not a day for fun, even wholesome fun. But on the first Good Friday, a coupla thousand years ago, I was sent the greatest gift ever; Christ suffered the vilest possible death for my sins. That Williams-Sonoma gift card is nice 'n' all, but it kinda pales in comparison. I just know I would never fully enjoy the fancy German knives as much if I knew that there wasn't a snowball's chance in Hell of my attaining Heaven.

If you've read the forensic analyses of crucifixion, or seen The Passion of the Christ, you'll have a rough guesstimate of what a crucified Christ must have looked like. That, dears, is what MY soul looks like when I forego God's love and mercy and I sin. Every lash or the flagrum, every taunt, every buffet and jeer Christ withstood "transferred" my guilt and sin from my soul to His body. Free. For every gash and laceration on His body, an ugly and gaping wound in my soul was now made ready for -- if I avail myself of it --His healing mercy, His triumphant forgiveness established at Calvarium.

His gift of salvation makes my redemption possible.

Thank you, Lord, for making the greatest sacrifice possible, to save the likes of me.




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