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Monday, June 04, 2007

OK. It's "go" time.


In about 15 minutes, Davy starts the well-blogged treatment for autism. I want to take time out to thank you ALL for ALL your prayers, for your kindness, support, caring, concern and friendship. These mean more to us than I have the capacity to express.

You are all in my/our prayers.

Furthermore, I want to thank God for all the consolation and "tender mercies" He has shown us in the this whole autism journey. We know that whatever form Davy's progress takes (and, indeed, has taken up to know) they all bear His fingerprints. Like Fr. Hardon, SJ used to say: "To God be all the glory. ALL the glory."



P.S. More on the translation of the apostolic exhortation when I get a moment to breathe.


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