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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A parenthetical-like aside.

The lovely and gracious Karen, just back from greeting all my sundry relations in Spain, has suffered -- yes! again! -- for her faith. This "pink crown" was in the form of a scandalous homily on the feast of Corpus Christi.

How she lives in the dioceses in which she has lived and still manages not to shave her head and shimmy up a water tower with a sniper rifle and a manifesto is as close to scientific proof of God's grace as you'll ever manage to find on this side of Heaven.

But that's not what I am taking time out to address.

I'm addressing the issue brought out by that harrowing abomination of a homily.

"We all know that Jesus didn't really _______."

That, dear readers, drives me up the [bad word]ing wall. First there is the matter of inexpressible arrogance: How do you know? How COULD you know? Is there some 1st Century appendix to the Gospels you have that nobody else has? If it's not that, then it's pathological credulity. One day "top theologians" say Jesus was actually an elderly Filipino and you'll believe that?

At the bottom of it all, is the matter of Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. While Jesus spoke metaphorically sometimes, there is ZERO indication the Apostles spoke metaphorically of Jesus. Even less likely is the possibility these Apostles (all but one of whom would die as martyrs) would stick extraneous bits into Scripture while simultaneously not omitting all the bits that made them look like the dullest knives in the drawer.


Which is the only miracle recorded in all four Gospels? (Go ahead, look it up.) Mind you, the Eucharist isn't recorded in all four Gospels. Each of these Gospels focuses on different aspects of the Passion. But they ALL mention the bit about the loaves and fishes.


So...if Miracle X isn't true...then what else isn't? Because if something spurious has managed to creep into Holy Writ, then that proves that ANYTHING could have crept and --voila'!--there is no underpinning to our faith; like St. Paul wrote, we're all wasting our bloody time.



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