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Monday, July 09, 2007

"God help me, I do love it so."

Of course, you've been following the unfolding Motu Proprio aftermath.

Now, if you're like me -- and you should strive for this because I am a great cook, snappy dresser and all-around good guy -- you might have noted there have been two main sorts of reactions thereto.

One kind of reaction has been joy and thanksgiving. "This is great, we are happy, thank you God." The other sort of reaction has been to characterize the Motu Proprio as the death knell for the Catholic faith and those who have rejoiced therein much the way Post-Civil War Southern Democrats did enfranchised ex-slaves, and those who aided and abetted their efforts.

Stop and contrast. On the one hand, those who are happy (and I number myself among them) are not gloating in victory. There is none of the "I won, you lost, now get out of my Church" attitude. The opponents, alas, feel no constraints whatever and gave given voice to their displeasure with relatively little concern.

The question nobody is asking is "why?" Why characterize people who have "legitimate aspirations," as JP2 said?

Mull that over a bit, will ya?



  • At 3:56 PM, July 10, 2007 , Blogger milanta said...

    Great point of view! I thibk that way too, although I don't go to any Old Mass yet.

    Hoping my jesuits friends have some similar view because I see they're a little displeased.

    Greetings from Peru!


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