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Monday, July 30, 2007

I dig Graves.

Warning. This is a post in progress. If you read this warning it means I'm not through. I'm posting it because this has sat in my draft pile forever and it deserves better.

I'm a very, VERY huge fan of Michael Graves.

At some point in the late pleistocene, GQ Magazine had decided to offer a Man of the Year award. The award was designed by Michael Graves. This being 198...3? and me being, what? 19? meant I had no idea who he was.


I liked what he was doing. At that time, a lot of the architecture I was seeing was that horrible Modernist stuff I simply cannot abide, and someone tweaking the Modern Enlighteneds struck me as brilliant. Besides, his stuff was whimsical and had a self-effacing attitude. Several years later, a client of mine's wife worked at the Dolphin Hotel in WDW and when I had to attend the annual PGA Expo in Orlando, we crashed there for a couple of nights. This solidified my enthusiasm for Michael Graves' design style.

Now, for a number of reasons, having Mr. Graves design a house at any moment in the near future for us is unlikely. But a lot of his stuff has become rather accessible through Target Stores and at fairly reasonable prices. Ironically, as items are discontinued, their price leaps heavenward.

That said, it's perfectly ridiculous -- even if one is a fan -- to outfit one's home in a wall-to-ceiling homage to anyone, regardless of brilliance. So, as much as I enjoy looking at MG's, say, the china service he designed for the Disney company, or bathroom fixtures, I think it wiser to limit myself to one area of the house for all the stuff, lest the whole house being to look like a shrine. I know I have a serious "let's get carried away" gene, and this is the only way I know of to keep it in check. (What makes it doubly difficult is that MG has designed tons of stuff for the Disney company, thereby engaging not only my architecture geek, but also my Disney awful synergy, to be sure. So I could easily see myself going utterly nuts, getting not only the plates and mugs and glassware, but also the coasters, napkin rings, etc., etc.)

I think I'll restrict myself to the kitchen.

So far I have picked up the MG measuring cups and measuring spoons, assorted utensils, the wall clock, the towel holder, and an electric coffee mill which I use for pulverizing spices. If I catch it on sale, I might pop for the egg timer. When the time comes to redo the kitchen, I'll get discreet little items such as drawer pulls and knobs and MAYBE a faucet.

Oh, and Joey demanded (and got) this for his previous birthday. I'm not sure this speaks more disparagingly of nature or nurture, but there ya go.

More on this later.



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