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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More from Fr. Dear.

I believe Fr. John Dear is very useful to those of us who are orthodox Ignatiophiles. Fr. Dear, and dicta allow us to point and say "THAT. That's what we mean."

So what are we pointing at now?

This gem:

Many Christians support the Bush Administration, its war on Iraq, torture at Guantanamo, the occupation of Palestine, the development of nuclear weapons, the ongoing starvation of millions, and so forth.

Fr. John Dear SJ
h/t Gerald at The Cafeteria Is Closed

And now...we parse!

Many Christians support the Bush Administration,

its war on Iraq,
True (the fact Father phrases it as "war on Iraq" as opposed to "war IN Iraq" is telling)

torture at Guantanamo,
This is an old canard that equates putting a dog leash on a captured combatant -- remember the detainees at Club Gitmo with right to prayer, halal food, etc. were caught shooting at/bombing/attacking coalition troops in Afghanistan or Iraq -- with torture. If I could be offended, I would be by this inane outlook.

the occupation of Palestine,
If Father cannot be bothered to ascertain who is occupying Palestine, I fear his views are deservedly not to be given much weight, if any.

the development of nuclear weapons,

the ongoing starvation of millions,
Oh, THIS is the money quote, showing us that Father has decided the moorings of factually-derived opinion prove too confining. While the Bush Administration leaves MUCH to be desired, I defy anyone to show me how it has a policy of starving millions and how that policy is enforced. If you believe such a thing -- you have my undying pity, incidentally -- please try to make a case therefor...without using the phrase "moon spores."

and so forth.
"...and so forth.?" Priceless. I may disagree a lot with the Bush Administration, but I am 100% behind them on the "...and so forth."

Fr. Dear,

On behalf of the nomination committee of ALB, I regret to inform you that consideration of your candidacy for inclusion in the Chosen Dozen list cannot be entertained at the moment. Personally, I advise reflection and prayer and laying off The Nation and Pacifica Radio.

The Management

Give me "and so forth" or give me death!



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