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Friday, July 13, 2007

A new tack.

If you've been keeping up with the fallout from the Motu Proprio related to the Traditional Latin Mass, you may have noticed a certain, say, jiu-jitsu sort of move on the part of many Bishops.

Look carefully and you will note that those Bishops who had a rather peculiar notion of "wide and generous" when they were asked to extend permission for this liturgy, now have published official reactions to the MP that run along these lines:

"At the Diocese of X, we welcome the Pope's new directives. We are pleased to have received this document and are studying it intently, in order to implement it optimally. At our diocese, we have had the Tridentine[sic] Mass at St. Really Far Away and, prior to that, at St. Very Bad Neighborhood, to ensure that all of the faithful within our jurisdiction have access to this liturgy."

The basic tone is "It's great! We, of course, have been up to speed all along with this by having the TLM in one it doesn't really apply here. Still, pretty cool, huh?"

Therefore, I think it means its time for the TLM crowd and the TLM-friendly crowd to nudge the hierarchy into a more receptive mood as re. this MP. If not, the reform-of-the-reform might well die of SIDS.

Never say I didn't give you a heads-up.


P.S. Oh, and keep a weather eye for ::cough, cough:: discrepancies in the English translation.


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