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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ps. 39:2-3*

"Expectans expectavi Dominum et intendit mihi et exaudivit preces meas et eduxit me de lacu miseriae et de luto fecis et statuit super petram pedes meos et direxit gressus meos."

Today, people, is a day of unbridled joy for the Bride of Christ. The Holy Father has written and the Holy See released the long awaited Motu Proprio. If you want the Full Monty** repair directly to Fr. Z's blog. As is to be expected these days, the Official English translation*** suffers a bit, but less than might have been feared. It doesn't seem to change or omit anything, although it has that watered-down thing going on.

I reiterate that I am not one of those RadTrad types who reject Vatican II ("and just to be safe Vatican I, also") and I am not one of those who will give this Mass my exclusive attendance. But I like the probable cross-pollination between the "Novus Ordo" and the "Tridentine."

Today is not a day of anything but Joy. I realize there are many who are not joyful or, worse, might be angry. Let's pray the Holy Spirit (Mark Mossa, SJ once commented the Holy Spirit gets short shrift, and I believe he is right.) will imbue and soften these hearts.

Truly, today we have witnessed something AMDG,


* Look it up, it'll do you good.
** Which is a tailoring term, not something naughty.
*** The USCCB has taken the initiative of creative translation, alas.


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