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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer Travel

Dear Internet,

If you want to know where I went this summer, I'll show you the kids' bathroom. At some point June-ish, the bathroom decided to give us a foreshadowing of how Judgment Day will be manifested in the plumbing department.

Because a lot of ladies, children, elderly and Carmelites (with the odd Jesuit) stop by here, I shall refrain from describing the aftermath. Suffice it to say, dear Internet, that it was something which you, with your pure and unsullied mind, could scarcely comprehend.

This meant that the bathroom had to be gutted. And, because of the place wherein we reside, this involves not only the usual personnel of demolition, plumbers, masons, electricians, carpenters, and glaziers, but also lawyers, inspectors, accountants, engineers, sherpa guides and the 2nd Unit of Indiana Jones and the Septic Tank From Hell.

Furthermore, every time one of the specialists went in to do his thing, halfway through you'd hear him saying "Uh-oh." This meant he had discovered something needing the immediate attention of a different specialist. So, we had the carpenter telling us we'd need to get the plumber back, the plumber informing us we needed to get the electrician one more time, etc.

In sum, what we would have spent on a VERY frou-frou vacation in Rome -- complete with villa and rented Maserati and 5-star meals -- is what we have spent so far on this very modest bathroom's redo. To say nothing of the delays.

It seems the drawback to artisans from Europe or Latin America is the metric time. They tell you 2 weeks, but neglect to explain that in their world, a minute has 100 seconds, an hour has 100 minutes...


Today this was all made worthwhile when we went to Mass.

Mind you, at our Parish, Mass (usually) looks like Mass in a Church that looks like* a Church. So that part's no big deal. The big deal was that we have had a visiting priest from Slovakia. May God forgive me for not catching his name. But he is YOUNG. And, although his accent is pretty heavy, and although his Mass is pretty N.O./vernacularized, he is CLEARLY, WILDLY reverent.

Did I mention young? Reverent?



* You can see it feautured in this clip from a VERY bad movie, which used it for a scene that was considerably altered from the script upon which the approval was given. There WILL be objectionable material here. So don't cry.


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