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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Rules of Engagement

You may recall this blog entry of mine. Good. Well, Fr. Michael C. McFarland, SJ (President of Holy Cross) has addressed the issue.

The specifics of the conference are a grayish area, apparently not dealing with artificial contraception or abortion. Yes, PP and NARAL will be there, but the subject of this meeting would seem to be unrelated to these problematic areas. So, assuming the most charitable spin possible in this situation, the Holy Cross administration still comes across as unbelievably tin-eared to the concerns of the faithful. The fact is that by merely giving PP & NARAL a forum on a Catholic campus -- even PP & NARAL speak of nothing but sunshine and lollipops -- they also bask in a certain moral "street cred" they don't deserve.

I'd also like to focus on something that is quoted in the article:
As a Jesuit college, Holy Cross is committed to its mission of engaging with the larger culture on even the most problematic and divisive of moral and spiritual issues.
I'd like to see clarified what the definition of "engaging*" is and, moreover, if the NARAL & PP crowd will be among those being engaged and if so, how and when and by whom. Because, frankly, I haven't seen a whole bloody lot of that from anyone at any level.



* Please, dear Lord, don't let the meaning be "oh, you know, just hanging out."


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