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Friday, October 12, 2007

Something to ponder. UPDATE (AGAIN)

UPDATE #2: The seminary has responded to the uproar. Nobody has explained why the seminary has chosen to contract its printing services with a company which also handles homosexual publications.

UPDATE: Jim Frankowiak, of the Coastal Public Relations Group wrote to the columnist referenced above to state the situation is due to an error at the printer, as the magazine Dialogue subcontracts its printing, from all indications, with an enterprise that also publishes a magazine named Flavor which readership appears to be primarily homosexual. Mr. Abbott, on the strength of his sources, stands by the article.

My opinion? Whether we like it or not, Charity demands we give the Seminary the benefit of the doubt (in a "trust-but-verify" sort of way?) in this case; regardless of what, in the Seminary's history, it has done to earn it. It could very well be a printing error. But if the explanation Frankowiak -- and I urge you to read it as writ -- gives is correct, there may be other questions which rise as a consequence. I think it fair to wait to deal with them as things develop.

I hope and pray this was nothing more than a lamentable mixup. But, alas, it seems very understandable that people have If I have acted inappropriately in this case -- I don't think I have, but I may not be an accurate arbiter of my own deeds -- I apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Our Lady of Bethlehem...ora pro nobis. Oy.