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Friday, November 23, 2007

¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Today, for the maladjusted, is the feast day of Bl. Miguel A. Pro, SJ.

I have a particular devotion to Jesuit martyrs, as has been recorded here and elsewhere. Of all the many Jesuits who've "worn the red crown" none has hit a chord with me -- for reasons I cannot explain, frankly -- like Bl. Miguel A. Pro, SJ.

There are lots of places where you can read more about him, such as here or here, so I shan't dwell overlong on the particulars* of Fr. Pro's death; you can read them for yourself. However, I would like to leave you with this tidbit:

"His first assignment as a priest was to work with the miners of Charleroi, Belgium. Despite the socialist and communist tendencies of the workers, he was able to win them over and preach the Gospel to them."

Now, the prayer for his intercession:

Blessed Miguel, before your death, you told your friend to ask you for favors when you were in Heaven. I beg you to intercede for me and in union with Our Lady and all the angels and saints, to ask Our Lord to grant my petition, provided that it be God's Will.

[Here mention your request.]

We honor and adore the triune God. (Gloria)
We ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. (Come Holy Spirit)
We pray as Jesus taught us to pray. (Our Father)
We venerate with love the Virgin Mary. (Hail Mary)
All you angels, bless you the Lord forever.
Saint Joseph, Saint [name of your patron], and all the saints, pray for us.
Blessed Miguel, high spirited youth, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, loving son and brother, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, patient novice, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, exile from your homeland, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, prayerful religious, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, sick and suffering, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, defender of workers, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, courageous priest in hiding, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, prisoner in jail, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, forgiver of persecutors, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!
Blessed Miguel, holy martyr, pray for us. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!



* Five articles of the 1917 Mexican Constitution were written specifically to suppress the Roman Catholic Church. One forbade the Church from participating in primary and secondary education, another outlawed religious orders. Yet another article banned worship outside of any church building (that hadn't yet been seized because a further article restricted the Church's rights to own property). Priests and religious were proscribed wearing habits, lost the right to vote, and could not comment on political issues in public. Most (!) of the anti-Church articles of the Mexican constitution were repealed in 1998 (!!!).


  • At 3:53 PM, November 30, 2007 , Blogger The Dover Beachcomber said...

    The terrible reality of the persecution long enshrined in the Mexican constitution -- amazingly, only recently even partly repealed -- gives me pause as I hear the giddy optimism that is sometimes expressed in Catholic circles concerning immigration (legal and otherwise) from that country. How wonderful it is, we're told, that so many Catholics are coming to our country. But what we forget is that those Catholics come to us completely at home in a political and intellectual culture that has taken anti-Catholicism for granted for almost a century. Will they help guard against that here? Or will they yawn as their faith is pushed to the margins in this country, as it has been for so long in Mexico?

    Blessed Miguel Pro, pray for us indeed. And hard.


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